Ukrainian President Yushenko Vocalizes Support for Orphans

December 9th, 2008 by Katya

I was definitely interested in this article I read in the Kyiv Post this morning.

Kyiv Post: Yushchenko: Government should fund foster parents

President Victor Yushenko seems to be stepping forward and speaking in favor of helping orphans. I can imagine that a lot of non-governmental organizations working with orphans are excited by today’s announcement. The president’s statement also introduced foster care. I know there are foster parents in Ukraine (not exactly sure how many, but I may be able to find a rough estimate in Kyiv) and League of Foster Families in Kyiv aimed at building foster care in Ukraine, but up until today, I have never heard the president speak so openly in support of foster care. I hope that the president’s words are not in vain and that this marks the beginning of real change and improvement for the status of orphans in Ukraine.